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Classic Cake Pop Flavors 

Yellow, White, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry,Oreo

Specialty Cake Pop Flavors

• Red Velvet Cake truffle with a cream cheese frosting center, white candy coating with red drizzle swirl design.

Cocoa Kraze
•Chocolate Cake truffle, Milk chocolate buttercream frosting center, coated with white chocolate topped with chocolate shavings/sprinkles.

Lemon Drop
•Lemon Cake truffle with lemon buttercream frosting. White candy coating with yellow sugar sprinkles

Bunny Tracks
•Carrot cake truffle with cream cheese buttercream frosting center. White candy coating with orange drizzle.

Surprise Party
•Birthday Cake truffle, white candy coating topped with fun rainbow confetti .

Bride To Be
•Vanilla Cake Truffle with cream cheese frosting center, white chocolate coating and white pearl sprinkles.

•Rainbow cake Truffle, assorted vanilla candy coating, and rainbow drizzle.

Gone Bananas
•Banana cake with whip cream frosting center, white vanilla candy coating, topped with crushed vanilla wafers.

•Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cake Truffle, choice of chocolate or vanilla candy coating topped with sprinkles or drizzle.

Italian Cream

•Vanilla cake blended with pecans and/or walnuts mixed with whipped cream frosting, dipped in white candy coating sprinkled with toasted coconut.