Say yes to the Strawberries 😍🙊

Ok sooo this year was my first time having Moët. I’m not sure if I mentioned that in my post Chocolate Covered Love, but anyway it was my first time. I had the Moët Imperial Brut first and I was impressed. I’ve had other champagnes , but Moët has won me over.

Moet Imperial Brut

My sweetheart surprised me with a bottle of Moët Chandon Rosé today. I know it’s just champagne, but it’s February…the month of love so the little things are extra special. I popped this bad boy open about an hour ago and it’s clearly time to relax and chill. The kids are in bed sooooo….I mean what would you do?

Moet Rose Chandon

Hey but check this…just so happens that I had some no bake cheesecake batter left over from some mini cheesecakes I made.

(We’ll talk about those in another post. I’ll post a pic below.)

I used the left over batter to make Chocolate covered Cheesecake Strawberries! cheesecake dipped strawberry These are the kind of strawberries that you need to eat with your eyes closed. Oh, or the type that you want fed to have fed to you…if you know what I mean.?! (Grown Ups Only 😏) Lol , but really they are that good. Anyway he was right on time with the bottle and I had the perfect thing to go with them.  Dipped Strawberries I took the strawberries and dipped them in the cheesecake batter, put them on wax paper and let the cheesecake get stiff. Just pop them in the fridge for about an hour. Once that’s done dip them in chocolate and sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs. I drizzled them with melted white chocolate chips too.img_3702

They are the truth!
It’s like a chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake climax washed down with a sip of Moët Chandon Rosé. Yeah picture that!!


Goodnight peeps!! 💋✌

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