I Made Cookies!!

Saturday evening, and it’s cookie time!!! I decided to try (TRY) to keep the baking down to once a week  because there are too many sweets hanging around.  We are all about a healthy lifestyle and eating right and blah blah blah,

  but who the heck doesn’t want a cookie every now and then. I know I do. So for everyone who does I put together this cookies & cream sugar cookie 😱.  My first idea of the Oreo stuffed sugar cookie was a FAIL. We’ll talk about that later.😒

 This one was super easy. All I did was add some crushed Oreos to my favorite sugar cookie recipe…Sprinkle in a little love…top with an Oreo and Bake!! When they cooled, I drizzled on some vanilla candy melts too. Yum!!! Do you want the recipe? Comment below!! I’ll give it to you 😊.

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