My First Post: Ohhmageeerrrd!!!


Well, I’ve set out my journey to become a personal blogger.  Yes y’all . Here I am!! I must say… Whew!! It’s been crazy, but who doesn’t like a good challenge. It’s coming along slowly but surely! I have been digging for a long time on how I could put my talents together as one and share them without being dedicated or fixated on one single idea.

I had no idea where to start so, of course, Google is my friend. I am always reading blogs. ALWAYS. I am subscribed to SEVERAL. In fact too many to name. I always get drawn in by the bright colors, useful content and pictures. That’s when I knew this was my thing.   After what seemed like decades of reading and taking notes I was ready. I found a very useful article to help me get started. I followed Cookie and Kate’s | How to start a food blog: Step by Step. (Check it out here )
 And the rest is history.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m Possible”!

-A Hepburn

Welcome to my blog everyone. I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below. Come back soon.

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