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I want to start by saying sorry for the late post. I had margaritas last night and well, you know how that goes. When I stumbled across National Margarita day today on Facebook, I was like whaaaat!?  Another reason to have a margarita! Why didn’t anyone tell me? I did a little research too because I had to know why an entire day has been dedicated to this particular drink.

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Well, come to find out on this day, February 22, in 1938 margaritas were invented. The frozen ones came later.  Also did you know that margarita means daisy flower in Spanish? I sure didn’t. I was gonna go out to a restaurant or bar and have a margarita since there were specials everywhere today, but I didn’t want to worry about I was getting the real thing or not so I opted to make my own. I needed an excuse to get a new blender anyway.

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I had Strawberry Lime Patron Margaritas tonight. I toss all ingredients into the blender and blend. I just keep adding until I get the desired taste. I like to use the frozen whipped cream for the texture. I kind of makes it like a milk shake. I made a special trip to Sonic to purchase a bag of  ice too. Shout out to them. I could eat the ice without the margarita, lol.

Did you have a margarita today? If so, what kind? What are some of your favorites?

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