#WW The Big Chop: Omg I cut my HAIR!!!

Yay! It’s my first #WW “Whatever Wednesday” post.  I decided to go a little off topic here, but trust me its for a reason. Let’s talk about my big chop! Oh my god! I had no idea I’d love it so much. Cutting your hair is a life changing decision. Well,  it was for me anyway. I have been back and forth about getting my hair cut because over the years Hair

my hair has suffered for processing, heat damage, breakage, discoloration, split ends, and dryness! You know how it is growing up and experimenting with your hair? It just hasn’t been good for me & I haven’t been good to it, so I HAD IT CUT 😨!!!  (2/9/16)

Hair dryer

From the moment I made the appointment until the time I sat in the chair I was so nervous. The young woman that cut my hair was very pleasant. She assured me that she promotes healthy hair & that together we would make the best decision for mine. I was put at ease and there was no turning back.

I Cut My HAIR & Baby it’s FIRE!!💇🏽💆🏽🔥

fierce pixie cut

When I saw my hair falling off my shoulder and hitting the floor, normally tears would have hit the floor too, but I start feeling like Angela Bassett in The Waiting To Exhale haircut scene. (Lol) For real! Just cut it off!! Haha!


It was relaxing to feel fresh, new, and FIERCE honey!!! I walked out of the salon a New Beauty all thanks to Bre’nae Knight-Woods. She’s an amazing stylist at ⚡️Zap’d Beauty located inside of  Fire Wheel Salons in Garland, TX.  I’ve linked her information if your interested in transformation. Trust me she will Transform you. If you have been thinking about cutting your hair go for it!!! Embrace the new you!

  (Photo Credit Zap’d Beauty)

Check out the transformation Video made by the stylist! Click here to watch!

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